Mobile car tyre fitting

Tyres don’t care where you are when they decide to give up or blow out. And they have little regard for your pressing schedule that day, and the next. In most cases, calling out a mobile tyre fitter is always the best option, saving you time and, in most cases, money.

We have a range of tyres for you to choose from, including non-branded options if you’re keen to save a few pounds.

Pre-MOT tyre fitting

If your MOT is fast approaching and you know your tyres are likely to fail, the smart thing to do is to get new ones fitted ahead of the date. Our friendly team of tyre-fitters can come to you at a convenient time and replace any tyres you think might fail. If you’re not sure which tyres are failsafe, we’ll give you all the impartial advice you need.

Guaranteed low prices

We’ll do our best to keep the cost of your new tyres to a minimum. Often, using a mobile tyre-fitter is more economical not only in terms of our immediate pricing, but in terms of the hassle-free nature of us coming to you. No taxis, no buses, no extra time taken out of your day.

If you’re based in or around Tavistock and would like to book your mobile tyre-fitter appointment, visit our online form and fill in your details.