Tyre Repairs

Sometimes a tyre doesn’t need to be replaced: it could be quite possible to repair it, saving you time and money.

It might be that there’s a small abrasion that can be patched up, or even a nail that’s fully penetrated the tread. Our expert team knows how to spot a job that can be fixed up to the highest, safest standards.

A full inspection

There’s nothing worse than getting a fresh set of tyres, then running over a shard of glass or a nail. If this has happened to you, just give us a call and we’ll come out when you’re free. Our fully trained technicians will inspect the tyre and will usually be able to repair such issues right there and then.

Of course, if your tyre is on its way out and has rolled over something sharp, it’s usually safer to replace it. We can offer you a range of branded and non-branded replacement tyres at prices which suit your pocket.

Safety first

We probably don’t need to say this, but we’re going to: we never, ever repair a tyre to anything less than the safest standards. Some tyre-fitters might patch up a job to save you money, only to have the tyre fail later down the line. And that can be extremely dangerous, even fatal.

You can rely on the team at Tyre & Wheel Services to perform a professional service, keeping things cost-effective where possible but always, always putting your safety first.